Why choose flutter?

Alright Guys, Today we are going to talk about why choose flutter for app development. What is the reason for using flutter?

So when you are thinking of building a new project with flutter, you might have a question, why choose flutter and what can it do.

Why Flutter?

One of the first reasons you might consider is that you will end up with one codebase to maintain and one place it's a debug and update.

And this is a huge advantage for flutter developers.

Because if you are creating ios apps using swift and android apps in java/kotlin and your web apps in javascript and having all of these different places that you need to update and maintain. And it can get really messy.

Whereas here you only need to know dart programming language. Which is a powerful programming language made by Google. Dart is an easy language to learn. 

Once you've learnt and understand how to use it, then you can use it to create your android apps, ios apps and web apps. 

It means you only have to get good at dart language instead of lots of languages. 

If you've done any programming language before then you will realize that dart is actually very similar to a lot of modern object-oriented programming languages.

Dart has a lot of features. Also Google uses Dart for building powerful tools. Such as Google Adwords and Google Fiber. 

Dart users increase day by day. Currently we can already use dart and flutter for building android apps and ios apps. 

But it's applications go beyond that. You can also use Hummingbirds to create web applications writing dart code. 

Also you can use it to build desktop applications.

Flutter allows you to use a very simple and flexible layout system to build beautiful user interfaces.

Flutter allows you to make use of rows for example stacking elements next to each other horizontally or columns items that need to stack vertically on the screen. You can also use padding, margin, center in flutter.

Flutter Hot Reload

There's something called hot reload. When we are developing apps one of the biggest problems is when you have to run your app. 

Because often on ios, it can take anywhere between Ten and Thirty seconds between saving your code running your app and compiling it. Finally seeing it on screen.

But when you are working in flutter as soon as you update your code and you hit save your app will update in front of your eyes. 

It's called hot reload. It's almost like you have a refresh button on a website as soon as you change something on your code and hit save you see the changes. 

And this makes it really awesome and really easy to design beautiful interfaces for your app.

Flutter is open source

When you are working with flutter, you can get access to the original source code of flutter. 

Because flutter is open source, it means if you want to see how a button is implemented you can just click on it and you will see how flutter team wrote the code. 

You can click on anything on the screen and you can see the original code. 

It means you can easily understand how these widgets work. Also you can customize these widgets. You can make your own widgets.