Prerequisites For Flutter Development

Alright Guys, Today We are going to talk about prerequisites for Flutter development. So before going to start, we will tell you what it is that you'll need in order to be able to work with Google Flutter. 

First things first you're going to need a computer. And it can either Windows or Mac it doesn't really matter at this stage. 

In order to create Flutter apps you can do it on both platforms without having any problem. Because Flutter is cross-platform. 

So next step to develop flutter apps we need some sort of code editor to be able to create dart code.

So that we can build beautiful flutter apps.

We can create flutter apps using two software and they are Android Studio and VS Code. Both are capable of developing flutter apps.

Now we are going to use Android Studio. Because android studio has more features. But you can also use vs code for creating flutter apps. 

Now the next thing is testing our apps. So when we create a flutter app we can build it either as an Android app or IOS app and as a Windows or Mac User you'll find it very easy to run the Android counterpart of your flutter app. 

All you need is either a physical device or an emulator. 

So I'm going to tell you how to download Android studio and how to setup it. 

On the other hand if you want to test your flutter apps on an iphone or simulator you need Mac. 

Because Apple has something called code signing and this is done for security reasons.

So that when people download an app onto their iPhone that there is not something malicious on them, this is the reason for the required Mac. 

So every iPhone app is certified by Apple. 

So if you want to develop IOS apps using flutter, you need a Mac or you need to buy. 

If you want to build an Android App then you need PC or Mac.  For testing you need a physical device or Android Emulator. 

On the other hand, for IOS App, you need a Mac. And for testing you need a physical iphone or Emulator. 

So next article we will tell you how to install flutter on Windows and Mac.

Thanks for reading.