What is flutter?

Alright Guys, Today we are going to talk about flutter. What exactly is flutter? To be able to answer this question we have to put ourselves into the brain of a mobile app developer.

What is flutter

What is exactly Google Flutter?

So we are going to learn something from an example. 

So here's one jenifer is an android developer and jenifer made a cool messaging app. And it's a super popular app everybody loves it.

But there's just one problem, it's only on android. Now IOS user asked a question when it is coming to ios. 

So jenifer decided to make ios app. And she decides to go and buy lots and lots of books of swift and for study ios development.

And finally she's able to make ios app. And have app on Google Play Store and the App Store. People  are happy to have app on both platform. 

Now Jennifer wants to update her app but she has to code for both Android and IOS app.

And she has to maintain two code bases. So that's a lot of work down the line. It's basically double the amount of work that she used to have. 

Now here's why flutter came. Google flutter is a SDK. It's simply a toolkit that makes it easy for developers to design beautiful interfaces for all sorts of screen sizes and devices. And flutter have whole bunch of pre-built widgets. That makes it easy to layout your app. 

Example Column, Row, Stack, Padding etc.

Flutter does is simply ask for a blank window. And what flutter will do, It will draw onto that blank window. 

So if you want to make an android and ios app. You can learn google flutter. So you can run your app on both platforms.


You can simply use whole bunch of pre-built widgets  from flutter. Such as floating action button, web view and etc. And simply put these into your app no matter which platform you are working on. This how flutter work.

If you want to learn flutter you can make an android app, ios app and also web app. 

Flutter is made by google using dart. If you already know the dart programming language then it will be easy to learn flutter fast.