Hello! Today we're going to show you five websites to learn coding. This article is not going to be the full tutorial of any website on how to use but in this article I will only highlight some features of top websites. Here the list of best website to learn coding.


Coursera.com is an online learning platform founded by Stanford professors Andrew and Daphne Koller that offers courses specializations and degrees.

Coursera has a lot of courses for free it has some amazing courses from the best organizations including MIT Microsoft Stanford University Michigan University.

And so on they claim to provide universal access to the world's best education partnering with top universities and organizations to offer courses online.

There are over one thousand one hundred and fifty plus Coursera courses that are still completely free.

Generally speaking Coursera courses are free to audit. But if you want to access graded assignments or when a course certificate you will need to pay.

Still you can watch the lessons for free which is good enough to be a self-taught programmer.


Udemy calm is also an online course based learning platform. It is best website to learn coding as it offers a wide variety of courses in different fields of computing.

It also offers great courses in professional topics including artificial intelligence.

Udemy has a boatload of free online courses for beginner intermediate and advanced learners. All courses are offered from Udemy in more than 90 languages each course is on-demand.

And includes lifetime access with no expirations they offer certificates of completion for both paid and free course.

You can easily search for free courses by applying the free filter in your search query it almost looks like kisara.

But it is better as the free courses here include all the quizzes assignments and lessons it's not very easy to see or filter all the free courses at once.

But scrolling through the search results should be well worth the effort as of 2018 there are more than 100,000 courses on the website.

Code best website to learn coding

Code is a non-profit website dedicated to X man SSup computer this website is more helpful for those who wants to learn basics of programming. This website includes precoding lessons.

This website builds tools for students who want to make their own apps and games.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the best free online learning institution. It was founded in 2006 by educator Salman Khan in this website by step-by-step video tutorials.

You can learn how to program drawings animations and games by using JavaScript and processing jeaious.

Or you can learn how to create web pages with HTML and CSS.


Code camp is another based programming site to improve your programming skills. Best website to learn coding.

Here you can learn html5 css3 JavaScript database dev tools node etc in this website.

You can learn to code by completing coding challenges and by building the project's.

Tutorialspoint best website to learn coding

Tutorialspoint provides a new way of learning things in fast and efficient way.

This website has step-by-step explanations along with working examples.

And I think which is very helpful for us this website has all major computer languages like parrot c++ Paul my SQL pl/sql VB script etc.

But whenever you got any problem in coding you can check out its youtube tutorials and you can pick out the errors.

This website has more than 25 programming languages in its website.

W3schools best website to learn coding

W3 Schools is a popular website for learning programming online. And this website has more than 40 million unique visitors monthly.

W3 is close to the web developer site with tutorials of references and simplified examples on programming languages like HTML CSS JavaScript PHP SQL and bootstrap covering all the aspects of programming.

The name of this website is dragged from the worldwide web and this website is created in 1998 by Norwegian software development and consulting company.

And this website is my personal favorite website I ever used.


So you know how to use it but do you know some pretty good coding channels on YouTube probably not much there are thousands of out there on YouTube.

Which teach coding at least try to but very few are of excellent quality.

We will quickly show you some of them Derrick balance baños is the creator of the hugely popular JavaScript in 30 minutes playlist as the title of that playlist implies baños specializes in compact lessons for fast learning among the content.

You will find videos like land the Ruby programming language in one video.

This is one of his videos that aims to teach as much as possible in a short time as possible. He goes through a wide range of programming topics with content that includes thorough guides on PHP along with Java and misko in addition.

There are resources on developing software for Android. Baños has uploaded over 719 videos. This channel focuses on python programming.

This channel has some interesting tutorials in Python this channel also teaches data science in Python context.

Also has less O's in robotics using Python. If you want to get a job in pythons field this channel is the best context has over 1116 videos.

So guys these were some websites on my top list.

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