Hi everyone, welcome to MyPieTech! And we’ll be telling you some of the best free call recorder apps for your android.

How you can record phone calls automatically the first solution and providing works on any Android phone and it involves installing an app on your phone you cannot do it without an app.

These apps help and recording your important conversation which you can use tomorrow for useful purposes.

Before that, do not forget to clear up extra space using ‘Cleaner for Android’ whose link is present below.

After this, download any of these call recording apps that we are discussing quickly.

1. Automatic Call Recorder

We have Automatic Call Recorder Easily integrates with Google Drive and Dropbox to sync recordings to cloud.

Customize inbox according to your requirements. It can automatically save calls on cloud with Pro Version.

2. All Call Recorder

All Call Recorder Saves your telephone conversation in 3gp format.

Send recorded calls via email, any cloud storage, messengers, Bluetooth, etc. Long-press recorded file for sharing and delete options.

3. Truecaller free call recorder

Block a phone number by number series and name. Backup call history, messages, contacts and other settings to Google Drive.

4. Call Recorder ACR

Next we have Call Recorder ACR Sync the recorded files to cloud to Google Drive or Dropbox.

Provides password protection to keep recordings secure. Exclude any number you don’t wish to record.

5. cubeACR free call recorder

One thing very useful about this app is that not only it lets you record incoming and outgoing phone calls.

But you can also record calls made over voice over IP such as Skype VIBER or whatsapp conversations apart from permissions to storage microphone phone and contacts.

The app also needs overlay permission to display its control widget on screen you will also need to enable the cube ACR app connector to enable.

It you'll need to go under accessibility settings and then under downloaded services look for cube ACR app connector once you find it you need to enable it and you're good the last step is for you to add cube to auto start.

Because if your phone restarts the app is not running and you will not be recording any phone calls so make sure you add cube to auto start as well you might need to disable built in battery optimizations as well because otherwise the app will not work properly.

Another useful feature about the app is that it can help you remember where you received or made calls.

If you enable it you'll need to give access to your device location with that being done we're good to go.

You can secure your call recording with pin lock. Select specific contacts’ for automatic call recording. Save recording on cloud Google Drive and restore them anytime.

6. Call Recorder Automatic

Call Recorder Automatic allows set password for security to keep your recorded files secure. Save the recorded audio files to the cloud.

7. Note Call Recorder

We have Note Call Recorder Reject calls, add a phone number to blacklist and block call.

Syncs recorded files to cloud to Dropbox, Google Drive alongside encryption. Shows last week or last month statistics with intuitive charts.

8. RMC free call recorder

RMC Call recorder Enables you to keep the call recording in two folders: important & unsorted.

Automatic filter allows you to sort call recordings according to known and unknown numbers, chosen contacts, extra.

9. Call recorder S9

Call recorder S9 the audio quality of the mp3 is crystal clear quality Choose calls to be recorded with Recording Filter.

Shake device to start recording with Premium version.

And last we have Call Recorder By Recorder & amp; Smart apps organize the recordings listen, add notes and share your call recording from Cloud.

Exclude the calls that you don’t want to record. Mark recordings as important and save separately. That’s all people!

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