All the best gaming laptops for levelling up

Shopping for a gaming laptop can be a complicated process, so we've lined up a selection of the best devices from top brands like Razer and Acer.


Alienware m15 R3

You could go for the base version of the m15 R3 and still have a great gaming laptop on your hands, but where it really shines is in its customisation opportunities.

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PC gaming is said by many to be the best way to play video games. In a lot of ways, that’s true — high-end gaming computers pack more graphical and processing power than any home console does, and they offer a level of freedom in terms of customisation and game choice that you’re just not going to find anywhere else. But when it comes down to it, starting your foray into PC gaming can be extremely complicated, especially when you're new to all of this. 

Unlike consoles that you can just pick up and play, gaming computers require an intense amount of research into each and every component. GPUs, CPUs, monitors, keyboards — it’s a lot to take in, and it'll normally cost you a lot of money.

While desktops may deliver the best performance, laptops fit into the modern lifestyle more effortlessly. A laptop allows you to take everything you want with you, and you can find a laptop that suits nearly any and every type of gamer. Whether you're looking for a powerhouse that can run VR, 4K resolution, and eye-popping graphics, or hoping to just balance cost with power, there's a gaming laptop for you. 

With this being said, it can still be a head-scratcher of a choice if you don’t know what to look for in the first place. We're going to help you with that part.

What to consider when looking for a gaming laptop

As with any computer — gaming or otherwise — there are a lot of components that make up any given device. You shouldn't have to figure all that out for yourself, though. This is what you’ll want to take into account when shopping for a gaming laptop:

  • CPU: Also called a processor, your CPU is basically your computer’s brain, and will dictate how speedy your laptop can process inputs, store data, and execute on outputs correctly. Your processor is in constant communication with the other parts of your computer, so it’s important that the device’s central nervous system is a good one. 

  • GPU: The GPU (or graphics card) does what it sounds like it does: It ensures that your games can run at their intended graphical quality. The better the GPU, the better your laptop can render details like textures, anti-aliasing, ray tracing, and more (you can always change these settings within your games to better suit your graphics card, but the better the GPU, the closer you can get to those higher-end settings). 

  • System Memory (or RAM): Your RAM, like your CPU, is also extremely important in determining overall performance. RAM provides short-term memory storage for applications so that they can access data quickly, storing information that your computer is actively using. For budget gaming laptops, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than 8GB of RAM.

  • Storage: When it comes to storage, you’ll normally find yourself deciding between a hard drive (HDD) and a solid-state drive (SSD). HDDs can have a higher storage capacity than SSDs, but at the cost of lower performance. The good news is that some gaming laptops come with a dual-storage approach, opting for an HDD as the main storage method, with a smaller SSD built in that you can dedicate to your more performance-demanding games.

  • Display: That nice GPU you bought will be wasted if you don’t have a nice display to marvel at its brilliance on. You’ll mainly want to look for three things here: resolution, refresh rate, and size. We recommend going for a 1080p resolution with a 60Hz refresh rate (which means you can run up to 60 frames per second on your screen). The size, however, is up to your preference — gaming laptops usually come in at 15.6-inch and 17.3-inch displays.

  • Keyboard: The keyboard is another vital part of your overall experience with a gaming laptop. Comfort is definitely a factor, but you’ll also want to decide whether you want full-range RGB backlight settings, and if you like the layout of the keys themselves. For example, if you find that you desperately need a number pad on your keyboard, you’ll want to double-check to make sure that it’s there — not all gaming laptops have one (not all 15.6-inch options at least, almost all 17.3-inch laptops will have one). 

  • Which parts are the most important?

    If all those bulleted points gave you a headache and you want an even more simplified explanation, you’ll want to put most of your focus on the computer’s GPU and CPU, or the processor and graphics card, respectively. 

    They'll be the two things that end up making or breaking your overall experience with your gaming laptop, as they work in tandem with each other to provide a speedy and smooth performance. If you skimp too much on them, you'll most likely get choppy gameplay and plenty of frustration in return, so make them your main investment. 

    What is the best gaming laptop?

    Whether you're a budget-focused gamer who just requires the bare minimum, or you're someone who wants to run your games in 4K with an uncapped frame rate, these laptops will serve you well as your shiny new PC gamer badge. 

    These are the best gaming laptops in 2021.

    Great battery life • Lots of opportunity for upgrading and customisation • Eye-popping display • High-end specs and performance The Razer Blade 15 is a gaming laptop that's as powerful as it is sleek. Razer Blade 15 The Razer Blade 15 is like the Apple MacBook Pro of gaming laptops — sleek, powerful, and cutting edge.
  • CPU: 10th Generation Intel Core i7-10875H
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super with Max-Q Design
  • RAM: 16GB
  • Storage: 1TB SSD
  • Display: 15.6 inches, 4K OLED
  • Just think of the Razer Blade 15 as the MacBook Pro of PC gaming laptops. With its sleek design, the Razer Blade 15 is a nearly edge-to-edge gaming machine inside of a beautiful and durable aluminum unibody chassis and display that's upgradeable to 4K. This gaming laptop also has the high-end specs you'd come to expect from Razer, including an 8-Core 10th Gen Intel Core i7-10875H processor, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super with Max-Q Design graphics card, 16GB of memory, and 1TB of SSD storage. The 15 is also expandable with an open Razer Core X. Although its fans spin loudly when working at full capacity, the 15 features a vapour chamber cooling system that Razer developed for a substantial power boost while you're playing. This laptop might be on the expensive side, but it's worth it for this level of performance inside of a sleek design.  512GB SSD is rare at this price • AMD Ryzen 7 CPU and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 GPU make for a great combo • VR-ready No disc drive — if you have old PC games on disc that you want to play, look elsewhere If you want an AMD-powered gaming laptop at the budget price point, the Asus TUF Gaming A15 is the only way to go. ASUS TUF Gaming A15 The Asus TUF Gaming A15 is the best AMD powered laptop that you'll find at this price point.
  • CPU: AMD 3rd Generation Ryzen 7
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Storage: 512GB SSD
  • Display: 15.6 inches, 1080p
  • If AMD processors are more your style over Intel, the Asus TUF Gaming A15 is the best AMD-powered laptop you'll find at the £1,000-and-under price point. It's also one of the only AMD-powered laptops running an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 GPU at this price. In addition to the speedy performance from the AMD CPU and RTX 2060 graphics card, the A15 is just a well-rounded machine that serves as a great starting point for those new to the PC gaming landscape. It has a large SSD (most laptops at this price bring about 256GB to the table — this one boasts 512GB) that'll give an extra power boost to that at CPU-and-GPU combo, a gorgeous 1080p display, and a full RGB backlit keyboard. It's also VR-ready, just in case you've been thinking about picking up an Oculus Rift.    Compact 14-inch design without shirking on power • Speedy AMD processor • Vibrant display • Hefty SSD storage The Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 is stocked with internals that can rival much larger machines, and does it within a compact body. ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 Looking for a balance between style and substance? The Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 is a pint-sized powerhouse.
  • CPU: AMD 3rd Generation Ryzen 9
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Max-Q
  • RAM: 16GB
  • Storage: 1TB SSD
  • Display: 14 inches, 1080p
  • If you want to ride that AMD processor train even further, the Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 is one of the best AMD-powered gaming laptops you're going to find.This Asus rig strikes a healthy balance between style and substance. From the outside, the ROG Zephyrus G14 sports a minimalist aesthetic in a compact 14-inch body. While small computers normally signal less power to shoppers, this laptop actually boasts incredible performance all around thanks to its AMD 3rd Generation Ryzen 9 processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Max-Q graphics card. Also included is a hefty 1TB SSD and a beautifully vibrant display that'll keep your games looking top-notch (even on such a small screen). The only downside to the Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 is that its fans tend to run pretty loud, but that's to be expected in an ultra-compact laptop that packs such a huge punch. If you're looking for something small, yet mighty, you've found it.   Compact, thin-bezel design is great for travel • Speedy performance for a smaller device • A nice lineup of components Screen is a bit dim, which takes away from its graphical power If you see yourself traveling with your gaming laptop often, the MSI GF63 is really good for chucking in your bag and playing from wherever you are. MSI GF63 Thin Speedy and packing good components for the price, the MSI GF63 Thin gaming laptop makes for an ideal device to travel with.

  • CPU: Intel Core i5-9300H
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Storage: 256GB SSD
  • Display: 15.6 inches, 1080p
  • Planning on travelling with your PC? The MSI GF63 Thin gaming laptop is going to be your best bet. We love this laptop not only for its compact, thin-bezel design that's great for storing in a backpack, but also for its other components. At this price, you're getting a really solid setup — an Intel Core i5-9300H processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card, 256GB SSD, and a 1080p full HD display. It's fast, packs stellar visuals, and is all tied together in an ultra-portable package. Great components for the price • Long battery life Lower graphical quality than our other picks The Acer Nitro 5's component setup and long battery life make it an awesome deal at under £1,000. Acer Nitro 5 If you're looking to spend the least money possible without buying absolute rubbish, the Acer Nitro 5 will satisfy on all counts.
  • CPU: Intel 10th Generation Core i5
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Storage: 256GB SSD
  • Display: 15.6-inches, 1080p
  • The Acer Nitro 5 is a top budget pick because, for one thing, it's the cheapest option on this list.But that low price wouldn't mean anything if it wasn't also a good laptop, which it totally is. In fact, it has a lot of the same inner components as a few of the more expensive options in this roundup. Perhaps the most impressive selling point of this laptop (other than the price) is its nine-hour battery life. Most gaming laptops at this price will last for seven hours on the high end, for comparison. The price does come with some downsides, though. Most notably, the graphical performance in conjunction with the Intel 10th Generation Core i5 processor isn't as great as our other picks (that's not to say it looks bad, though). But you can't have it all, and that price is hard to beat.   Good base internals • Lots of options for upgrades and customisation • Unique aesthetic Battery life should be better at this price If you want a little more control over what your laptop internals look like, the Alienware m15 R3 is the way to go. Alienware m15 R3 You could go for the base version of the m15 R3 and still have a great gaming laptop on your hands, but where it really shines is in its customisation opportunities.
  • CPU: 10th Generation Intel Core i7-10750H
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060
  • RAM: 16GB
  • Storage: 512GB SSD
  • Display: 15.6 inches, 1080p
  • If you're a bit more familiar with the world of PC gaming and you feel comfortable enough to pick out your own parts to create a laptop that's tailored to your needs, the Alienware m15 R3 will be right up your alley. The base version of the m15 R3 is already an impressive gaming laptop — it's chock full of stellar internals, including a 10th Generation Intel Core i7-10750H processor, an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card, and a 512GB SSD. But if you have some extra cash at your disposal, all of these things can be upgraded on Dell's website, making it simple to customise the machine to your liking. Want more storage? Upgrade to a 1TB SSD. More graphical power? Bump up to the GeForce RTX 2070 instead. There are a lot of options for you to check out, and if you like having more say in what your laptop internals look like, you should definitely consider building out an Alienware m15 R3 of your own.   Impressive price-to-performance ratio • Well-rounded components make for a really good starter gaming laptop Some hardware issues like overheating and low battery life (which can be mitigated if you keep it plugged in) If you don't really care for the all bells and whistles and just want raw performance, the Dell G5 15 is a good beginner's gaming laptop at a sweet price. Dell G5 The Dell G5 15 gaming laptop prioritises raw performance over fancy features, which becomes totally worthwhile at such a low price.
  • CPU: 10th Generation Intel Core i5-10300H
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Storage: 256GB SSD
  • Display: 15.6 inches, 1080p
  • The Dell G5 is the way to go if you're looking for the best price-to-performance ratio. The G5 15 has a really solid CPU and GPU setup for this price range, prioritising raw performance over fancy bells and whistles that other gaming laptops may opt for. The Dell G-Series laptops definitely don't reach the heights of their premium Alienware line, but on a budget, the G5 15 is the best of the Dell bunch.The hardware is a bit chunky and has the tendency to overheat during long play sessions, but if you can stomach those issues, the speedy Dell G5 15 is a beginner gaming laptop that is well worth the money. 

    Best cheap RAM prices

    An extra bit of memory can breathe all new life into your computer, and make heavy tasks like gaming and multi-tasking a breeze. With enough RAM, you won’t need to worry about leaving a couple extra browser tabs open. So why don't you take a look at our guide to the best RAM prices and deals.

    Even if you're thinking of buying a new Mac, MacBook or pre-built PC over this Black Friday period, you can save even more cash by not adding additional memory at checkout. This can work out quite an expensive way to add memory, and instead it’s far cheaper to purchase RAM separately, especially if you can find the best RAM deals like we have found below. 

    GeIL EVO Potenza 32GB 3000MHz DDR4: $87.99 at NeweggThis isn't the prettiest RAM on the market, but it's got the speed and capacity going for it. If you just need 32GB of RAM, it doesn't really matter what it looks like, and the GeIL EVO Potenza is more than fast and capacious enough to get the job done.

    View Deal

    Best DDR4 RAM deal

    Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4

    High performance DDR4 memory


    Speed: 2,133 MHz

    Timing: 13-15-15-28

    Memory Type: DDR4

    Voltage: 1.2V

    Dimms: 2x8GB

    Reasons to buy

    +Great value+Fast performance+Effective cooling

    DDR4 RAM is the fastest memory that came on the block just a few years ago. At first, it was prohibitively expensive for anything but the most extreme gaming PCs, but now you can find it in many mainstream laptops or desktops. The Corsair Vengeance LPX is among one of the most solidly reliable kits of RAM you can purchase. It’s low-profile form factor makes it an easy fit for most PC builds, and its 2,400MHz starting speed is plenty quick too.

    Best DDR3 RAM deal

    HyperX Fury

    Impressive power and value


    Speed: 2,400 MHz

    Timing: 15-15-15

    Memory Type: DDR4 SDRAM

    Voltage: 1.2V

    Reasons to buy

    +Automatic overclocking+Energy-efficient DDR4+Sleek design

    DDR4 RAM might be the fastest and hottest memory on the market now, but more than a few PCs aren’t designed with the right slot for it. Fear not, though, with DDR3 RAM going on its way out, you’re bound to find even more amazing deals on it, like this set of Kingston HyperX Fury memory. Like the Corsair kit above, Kingston makes solidly reliable RAM and they also feature low-profile designs to work with most PC builds.

    Best gaming RAM deal

    Corsair Vengeance RGB LED 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3000

    Premium performance at a reasonable price


    Speed: 3,000 MHz

    Timing: 15-17-17-35

    Memory Type: DDR4 SDRAM

    Voltage: 1.35V

    Dimms: 2x8GB

    Reasons to buy

    +Excellent Value+Variety of color choices+Impressive overclocking

    Gaming requires a higher-class of memory, and this usually means higher frequencies, bigger capacities and a better cooling solution to keep it running, especially if you’re overclocking it. With all this in mind, you should check out the Corsair Vengeance RGB, which features a taller heatsink, a faster 3,000MHz frequency and RGB lighting over the DDR4 set of Vengeance LPX memory we pointed out earlier.

    Best Mac RAM deal

    Crucial 16GB Kit (8GBx2) Memory for Mac

    The most affordable way to upgrade your Mac systems


    Speed: 1,600 MHz

    Timing: NA

    Memory Type: DDR3 SDRAM

    Voltage: 1.4V

    Dimms: 8GBx2

    Reasons to buy

    +Compatible with Mac Systems+Reliable performance

    Adding extra memory to any Mac is notoriously expensive. Instead of throwing Apple a few extra hundred bucks, you could simply double or even triple the amount of RAM on your system with an inexpensive kit. Crucial is another proven RAM maker, and you’ll definitely want to check out its 16GB or 32GB memory kits that will cost far less than the corresponding upgrades provided through the Apple Store.

    Best laptop RAM deal

    Timetec Hynix IC 16GB Kit (2x8GB) DDR3

    A great budget option for mid-range gamers


    Speed: 1,600 MHZ

    Timing: NA

    Memory Type: DDR3L-1600 SDRAM

    Voltage: 1.35V

    Dimms: 2x8GB

    Reasons to buy

    +Affordable price+Impressive power

    MacBooks aren’t the only laptop that you can add extra memory to. As long as they aren’t glued together, like a Surface Laptop, upgrading your RAM is one of the easiest things you can do to improve the performance of your notebook. TimeTic makes relatively inexpensive kits of Hynix IC RAM that could seriously bump up your memory capacity.

    What is RAM?

    RAM is an acronym for Random-Access Memory. It is one of the fundamental pieces of the computing puzzle alongside the processor (or CPU) and classic storage (usually coined as ROM for Read Only Memory).

    RAM is needed in order to facilitate data transfer to and from your system storage (can be hard disk drive or solid state drive). The processor is the one that does the compute, the calculations etc and just next to it sits the cache, which is a super fast version of RAM but only available in tiny amounts (up to a couple of hundreds of MB at most).

    Then comes RAM (usually around 16GB on standard computers) and beyond that system storage. The further they are from the processor, the cheaper they are per unit storage and the slower they become.

    Round up of today's best deals

    VENGEANCE® LPX 8GB (2 x 4GB)...


    HyperX FURY Memory Black 8GB...


    Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO...


    Crucial RAM 16GB Kit (2x8GB)...


    Reduced Price

    Timetec Hynix IC 16GB Kit...


    Best RAM 2021: The Fastest Memory to Speed Up Your PC

    Best RAM 2021: The Fastest Memory to Speed Up Your PC

    There are so many PC parts to think about when you're building or upgrading your gaming PC, and amid that mountain of specs, few parts are more puzzling than memory (or RAM). At the baseline, it may seem simple, as there's the RAM's capacity to think about, with 8GB to 16GB generally being acceptable for mid- to high-end systems. But, once you start digging deeper, RAM gets astoundingly complex.Beyond the capacity, you'll have to consider things like whether you want to take advantage of dual- or quad-channel memory, the memory speed you want to run at (yes, RAM has a clock speed much like a CPU), and perhaps the even more complicated CAS latency and memory timings. All of these things will vary between different memory kits, so you can't expect one 16GB kit of DDR4 memory to be the same as another.

    We'll help make picking RAM easy for you, though. We've selected a number of excellent RAM kits, ranging from stalwart DDR3 RAM to fit in an older system up to high-end DDR4 RAM than can overclock to insane speeds, plus a handful of sharp-looking RGB kits that complement their own speeds with killer looks. If you're hoping to learn more about RAM, we've also got explanations of some of the main details below our product recommendations. If you're browsing in the UK, click here to find out where you can find the best RAM to speed up your PC.

    TL;DR – These are the Best RAM Kits: 1. Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro Best RAM

    Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro

    On Amazon

    See It Capacity: 16GB (2 x 8GB) ● Memory Type: 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM ● Memory Speed: 3,200MHz ● CAS Latency: 16 ● Timings: 16-18-18-36 ● Height: 51mm/2.01" Corsair is making some of the very best memory kits around, so it should be no surprise that one of its kits has managed to snag the top spot on our list. The Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro leads the pack by offering a touch of everything. Our selected kit gives you 16GB of RAM in two sticks for dual-channel memory support. The DIMMs run at 3,200MHz with a low CAS latency of 16, though overclocking could provide even higher speeds if you're up to tinkering.

    Beyond those specs, the Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro also offers (as the name probably made clear) RGB lighting that you can control to match the rest of your setup, especially if you have other Corsair peripherals. In spite of the high performance and fancy RGB strips, the 16GB kit actually stays reasonably affordable at about $85. Of course, you could always bump up to a faster or higher-capacity kit. Corsair offers kits up to 128GB in size and up to 4600MHz speeds. Just make sure there's plenty of clearance next to your CPU cooler, as the RAM's 51mm height is on the tall side.

    2. OLOy Owl Best Budget RAM Capacity: 16GB (2 x 8GB) ● Memory Type: 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM ● Memory Speed: 3,200MHz ● CAS Latency: 16 ● Timings: 16-18-18-36 ● Height: 1.53" RAM has been pretty affordable in comparison to the steep prices seen during shortages a couple of years ago. And, with the OLOy Owl, you can see some of the lowest prices yet. This set of two sticks offer surprisingly fast, 3,200MHz memory speeds for RAM that costs less than $60. And, they even have fairly low latency for such an affordable option. If you want to make sure you're taking advantage of the full speeds available on these sticks, you'll just need to ensure your motherboard supports XMP and DDR4-3200. You should also make sure your CPU cooler provides clearance for the slightly tall heat spreaders on these RAM modules.3. G.Skill Ripjaws V Best DDR4 RAM

    G.Skill Ripjaws V

    On Amazon

    See It Capacity: 16GB (2 x 8GB) ● Memory Type: 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM ● Memory Speed: 3,200MHz ● CAS Latency: 16 ● Timings: 16-18-18-38 ● Height: 42mm/1.65" G.Skill is known for its quality and its Ripjaws V series value model will help you save money on a RAM kit without losing out on performance. This 16GB (3,200MHz) set of memory, for example, is more affordable than most other RAM kits offering the same capacity and speed.

    Alternatively, you can easily buy yourself a 16GB G.Skill Ripjaws V (2,400MHz) RAM kit and save some dough, and then easily overclock it to 3,000MHz without an extra drop of voltage. The G.Skill Ripjaws V also features a fairly reserved and short heatsink, so it should work well with most PC builds.

    4. Kingston HyperX Fury Best DDR3 RAM

    Kingston HyperX Fury

    On Amazon

    See It Capacity: 16GB (2 x 8GB) ● Memory Type: 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM ● Memory Speed: 1,866MHz ● CAS Latency: 10 ● Timings: 10-11-10 ● Height: 32.8mm/1.29” If you’re building or upgrading an older system that isn’t compatible with DDR4 memory, the Kingston HyperX Fury is your best choice for a DDR3 RAM kit. It’s a little slow by modern standards with its 1,866MHz speed, but this smart DDR3 can auto-detect your system components to overclock itself to the highest speeds possible. Best of all, it’s fairly inexpensive, so nab this memory kit before it eventually sells out.5. HyperX Predator DDR4 RGB Best Gaming RAM

    HyperX Predator DDR4 RGB

    On Amazon

    See It Capacity: 16GB (2 x 8GB) ● Memory Type: 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM ● Memory Speed: 3,200MHz ● CAS Latency: 16 ● Timings: 16-18-18 ● Height: 42.2mm/1.66" HyperX Predator DDR4 RGB is an amazing kit of RAM engineered for gaming. Unlike other DDR4 memory kits, it doesn’t start at a 2,400MHz or 2,666MHz base, this memory kicks off at 2,933MHz. It can even be found operating at a native 4,000MHz speed, and we haven’t even started talking about overclocking potential yet. Of course, it has addressable lighting as any other good, modern memory kit should, but HyperX has taken RGB a step further by integrating Infrared Sync tech to ensure lighting effects are always synced across all the DIMMs. Overall, this gaming RAM performs just as well as it looks.6. Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB Best High-Performance RAM

    Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB

    On Corsair

    See It Capacity: 16GB (2 x 8GB) ● Memory Type: 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM ● Memory Speed: 4,800MHz ● CAS Latency: 18 ● Timings: 18-24-24-46 ● Height: 55mm/2.17" If you’re looking for the absolute best memory money can buy, it’s the Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB. This memory comes at a higher premium than most RAM kits, but they also offer the highest speeds, next-level cooling with those extra-tall heat spreaders, and arguably the best RGB lighting available.

    On the performance end, those fancy and tall heat spreaders allow this RAM to run at up to to 4,800MHz out of the box, and that's without any overclocking. The Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB is the perfect memory kit for going all out on a future-proofed gaming rig and they’ll likely outlast everything else in your gaming PC, so you can use it in your next one!

    8. Teamgroup T-Force Xtreem ARGB Best RGB RAM

    Teamgroup T-Force Xtreem ARGB

    On Amazon

    See It Capacity: 16GB (2 x 8GB) ● Memory Type: 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM ● Memory Speed: 3,600MHz ● CAS Latency: 18 ● Timings: 18-22-22-42 ● Height: 48.7mm/1.92" As just about every other piece of your computer can turn on the light show, why not include the RAM? Teamgroup has the dazzle on display with the T-Force Xtreem ARGB DIMMs, and it's not making you trade off performance for pizzazz. This RAM kit includes two 8GB DIMMs that can run at up to 3,600MHz with a CAS latency of 18.

    The RGB lighting effects are even more extreme than this RAM's clock speeds, giving you control of the colors across all sides of the DIMM. And you're not even locked into one color at a time. Just make sure you've got room for this RAM next to your CPU cooler, because it's fairly tall.

    9. Corsair Vengeance LPX Best Low-Profile RAM

    Corsair Vengeance LPX

    On Amazon

    See It Capacity: 16GB (2 x 8GB) ● Memory Type: 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM ● Memory Speed: 3,000MHz ● CAS Latency: 15 ● Timings: 15-17-17-35 ● Height: 31mm/1.22" In case any of the RAM kits I’ve recommended here are too tall and would interfere with that heatsink tower cooler you’ve been eyeing, you might be better off with some low-profile Corsair Vengeance LPX memory. It’s short enough to work with any setup, but hardly sacrifices any performance to do so. Despite the Corsair Vengeance LPX’s lower height, it still offers an integrated heatsink to help it achieve great performance.10. Crucial Ballistix MAX Best Overclocking RAM

    Crucial Ballistix MAX

    On Amazon

    See It Capacity: 16GB (2 x 8GB) ● Memory Type: 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM ● Memory Speed: 5,100MHz ● CAS Latency: 19 ● Timings: 19-26-26-48 ● Voltage: 1.5V ● Height: 39mm/1.54" There's fast RAM and then there's fast RAM. While just about everything over 3,000MHz is going to qualify as speedy, Crucial's Ballistix MAX takes it to another level. These DIMMs are capable of hitting a zany 5,100MHz. You don't even need to do any of the overclocking work yourself, as they can be set to 5,100MHz simply by using the XMP profile.

    Of course, what's the fun in settling for stock speeds, even when they're this high. Overclockers can try to push it even further. It's worth noting that these DIMMs already start out at 1.5 volts though. But what overclocker doesn't love a challenge.

    Where to Get the Best RAM in the UK


    Dominator Platinum RGB

    Best High-Performance RAM

    See on Amazon What to Look for in the Best RAM Below we've broken down a few things you should consider in your search for the best RAM kit and how much memory you’ll need for PC gaming.

    Before you even begin looking at memory kits you should consider what your hardware limitations will be. Start by checking if your motherboard supports either DDR4 or DDR3 class memory. DDR4 class RAM has been the most prevalent form of memory for more than five years now, however, if you’re running an Intel 5th Generation Broadwell or older system you’ll need to find DDR3 memory.

    You’ll also want to look at the specs on your motherboard and figure out the maximum memory speed it can support. Spending some extra money on 3,200MHz RAM is completely pointless if your motherboard can only support 2,400MHz, for example.

    8GB of RAM is pretty much the minimum and it should let you play most games without any problems.

    As for how much memory you need to game, 8GB of RAM is pretty much the minimum these days and it should let you play most games without any problems. Meanwhile, 16GB of memory will give your system a little bit more room to stretch itself and ‘future-proof’ your rig. Adding any more memory on top of 16GB would honestly be a waste if you're just gaming. However, if you're working in a creative field like video editing, 3D model rendering, and creating other types of visual media, then 32GB or more memory would be useful.

    In terms of memory speed, you should look for DDR4 memory that operates close to or above 2,400MHz—or 2400MT/s as it’ll appear on the packaging and online. Users purchasing DDR3 RAM should look for memory operating at 1,866MHz at least, and the closer to 2,000MHz the better. You don't necessarily need to buy the fastest RAM either as it's easy enough to overclock your memory.

    Memory Timings and CAS Latency (CL) is one other figure you should keep in mind about the memory you choose it. Timings essentially denote the total number of cycles it takes for the RAM to send data. You can find the timings listed in the memory specs as four numbers interrupted by dashes such as "16-18-18-36" and the first number usually denotes the CAS Latency—so it would be CAS 16 in this case.

    The basic thing you need to know is the lower the numbers are the faster your memory is. However, you should also know that faster memory speed results in higher latency. So you should also be wary of RAM that's incredibly fast, but throws in a lot of latency that negates it.

    With all of that in mind, you should stick to RAM with at most a memory speed of 3,773MHz and CAS 17.

    Whether you’re building a new system or upgrading your computer, adding one of these best RAM kits is a sure-fire way to make it operate a bit faster. A bit of extra memory can do wonders for improving your PC’s responsiveness and multi-tasking capabilities. Plus, adding better or more memory is usually the cheapest way to improve the performance of your rig.

    The 10 Best Bass Bluetooth Speaker (Updated 2021)

    When Bluetooth speakers first came out, they were all the rage. However, most people had a love-hate relationship with them. On the one hand, they fancied the best bass Bluetooth speakers because they were wireless and super portable.

    On the other hand, they disliked them because they had poor bass. But as with everything else in our technologically advanced world, they’ve gradually evolved, and now with the right budget, you can land yourself the best bass Bluetooth speaker.

    There’s a catch though! Identifying the best bass Bluetooth speaker from the endless array saturating the market currently is quite a mean feat. It means wading through tons of run-the-mill speakers before you finally identify a quality one, and the best fit for your needs.

    But just before you give up, you’ll be glad to know we did the hard part for you. We scoured the market, reviewed models from top cream brands, and compiled a list of the best bass Bluetooth speakers you can get.

    If you’ve used the dated boom box, you’ll appreciate the convenience that comes with Bluetooth speakers. They used D batteries and could produce a lot of sound. However, advances in technology have introduced smaller machines like CD players, MP3 players and now Bluetooth speakers. This new version of speakers allow you to jam to your favorite playlist along with friends. And with the new speaker and battery technology, you don’t need a giant box to get the job done. Bugani’s M83 Bluetooth speaker is an excellent example of the latest Bluetooth speakers.

    It has a rugged construction featuring black anodized aluminum with a glossy finish. The front part of the speaker grills is made of metal and secured using tough Torx screws while the corners are angled to prevent damage. The speaker is also equipped with a handy aluminum handle that protrudes from the top to enhance grip.

    Its set of controls is pretty decent. On the left are basic functions like mute, play, pause, and +/-volume and on the right is a ribbed rubber bumper that absorbs shock. At the rear is a micro SD slot you can use to play music directly from the speaker, a USB, and 3.5 mm aux ports.

    Apart from supporting wired connections, the speaker supports wireless connection via the latest 5.0 protocol. This means the connection speed is faster, more stable, and consumes less power.

    Its sound quality is pretty impressive pumping out some rich bass. The mids and highs are also clear thanks to its digital audio processor. It produces up to 40 watts of power delivering a loud sound that fills up vast spaces. It’s also equipped with a bass diaphragm and dual precision stereo drivers that reduce distortion when playing music at max volume.

    Read More Key Features

    •  7-24 hour battery life

    •  40-watt audio processor

    •  Hi-Fi music

    •  IPX5 RatingSpecifications

    •  Bluetooth Connectivity?: Yes

    •  Input Type: Aux, USB, Micro SD card

    •  Dimensions: 12.6 x 6.69 x 4.3 inches

    •  Brand: BUGANIPros

    •  Long battery life

    •  Distortion-free sound quality

    •  Rugged construction for the outdoors

    If you’re ready to make a splurge on a portable Bluetooth speaker then this JBL Boombox should be a good buy. Its boosted bass, loud sound, and sculpted highs are worth every dime. The speaker not only produces the best bass sound but is primarily equipped for the outdoors. It has an IPX7 rating that means it can be submerged 3.3 feet under water for up to 30 minutes without getting damaged.

    Weighing 13 pounds only, it’s relatively lighter than Sony’s XB33 speaker. Its design mimics that of its predecessor taking on a cylindrical shape. Under the grille is a dual 40-watt, four-inch woofer and dual 30-watt, 0.8-inch tweeters. When combined they deliver a frequency range of 50Hz to 20 kHz. The speaker also has two large passive radiators on either side that pump out the bass.

    Performance-wise, this JBL Boom box 2 Bluetooth speaker delivers a powerful low-frequency response when playing tracks with intense sub-bass content. However, while the bass doesn’t get distorted at top volumes, the digital signal processing (DSP) thins out the lows. If you want to enjoy the most bass depth and the least DSP meddling consider playing music at moderate to high volumes.

    As for its input controls, JBL equips this speaker with a decent amount of ports. Atop the speaker is the Bluetooth pairing button which you can use to skip a track. The Party boost button for connecting other JBL speakers and an LED strip that displays the battery life are also fitted on the front face of the speaker.

    Read More Key Features

    •  24 hours of battery life

    •  IPX7 waterproof design

    •  Party Boost

    •  Built-in power bankSpecifications

    •  Bluetooth Connectivity?: Yes

    •  Input Type: USB, 3.5 mm aux input, micro USB port

    •  Dimensions: 12.76 x 9.33 x 21.97 inches

    •  Brand: JBLPros

    •  Waterproof

    •  Powerful audio

    •  Can charge mobile devicesCons

    •  Sound quality not as accurate

    This third generation of Oontz Angle 3 Bluetooth speaker makes a solid buy for those shopping on a budget. It's fairly priced for its performance as it touts 100 feet of wireless range. Also, it delivers crystal clear stereo sound playing loud, distortion-free music. And despite its size, the bass is quite rich thanks to Oontz passive bass radiator. It is also IPX5 rated allowing you to use it outdoors.

    Its overall construction is pretty simple for a bass Bluetooth speaker. It weighs nine ounces, hence incredibly lightweight and a good alternative for small spaces. As other Oontz Bluetooth speakers, it has a triangular shape allowing you to set it up vertically or horizontally. As for its performance, this third gen Oontz speaker rivals comparable brands. First, its 100-foot wireless range means you might not need to pair it with other speakers. However, if you want to connect it with another speaker, its antenna design is equipped with the latest 5.0 Bluetooth technology for fast connection. The speaker is also compatible with Amazon’s voice-controlled smart speakers including Echo Dot, Echo Plus, and Echo Dot 3rd Gen.

    The sound quality is impeccable for a small-sized Bluetooth speaker. The highs and mids are clear and accurate thanks to its dual precision acoustic stereo drivers. Also, its triangular design and down facing bass radiator enhance the bass and overall sound quality. The speaker is also equipped with a Volume Booster 10+ watt power Amp that pumps more volume free of distortion.

    Read More Key Features

    •  14 hours of battery life

    •  IPX5 Rating

    •  100 feet of wireless range

    •  Bluetooth 5.0 connectionSpecifications

    •  Bluetooth Connectivity?: Yes

    •  Input Type: Aux, Bluetooth

    •  Dimensions: 5.3 x 2.8 x 2.6 Inches

    •  Brand: OontzPros

    •  Affordable

    •  Water resistant

    •  Long battery lifeCons

    •  Unstable wireless connection

    Are you planning to host a party and don’t want to splurge on a complete PA system? This bass Bluetooth speaker from Sony is a good buy. Its dual passive radiators produce some powerful bass that will keep you and your friends dancing the night away. It also has a Live Sound feature that creates a three-dimensional sound effect adding to the party atmosphere.

    Its design is pretty handy for buyers looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker. While it weighs a little over 2.2 pounds, its construction makes it extremely portable. In addition, the exterior is rugged, dustproof, and shockproof allowing you to use in the outdoors without getting damaged. Sony also includes a saltwater- resistance feature that makes it easy to use it on the beach.

    As for its performance, this SRS-XB33 speaker doesn’t disappoint. You don’t need to turn the volume up to get the punchy, bold bass; the dual passive radiators do the work for you. And when turned up, the speaker maintains incredible clarity and detail. What’s more, if hosting a large party, you can connect this speaker to 100 speakers using its Party Connect feature to light up the place. With a battery life of up to 24 hours you never have to worry about charging the speaker in the middle of the night.

    The speaker also comes with an app support that allows access to Sony’s Music Center. You can also fine-tune the speaker’s playing options including audio and its lighting effects.

    Read More Key Features

    •  24-hour battery life

    •  App support

    •  IP67 waterproof

    •  Live sound modeSpecifications

    •  Bluetooth Connectivity?: Yes

    •  Input Type: USB Type-C, Bluetooth

    •  Dimensions: 10.39 x 4.96 x 5.35 Inches

    •  Brand: SonyPros

    •  Sturdy construction

    •  Powerful bass

    •  LED lighting for partiesCons

    •  Battery depletes fast on high volume

    Looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker, you should try out AY Portable Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker, it is one of the best speakers in the market that guarantees you get richer bass and a louder HD stereo sound. It comes with a wide range of features such as True Wireless Stereo Function (TWS), long battery life, hands-free calling, IPX7 water-proof, and many more.

    Thanks to the TWS function, it is possible to pair 2 speakers and still enjoy a 360 degrees super bass surround. You can easily connect multiple devices such as iPhones, tablets, iPads, and many more. Another incredible feature is the IPX7 water-proof feature. It can withstand full immersion for 30 minutes in depths of up to 3.3ft. You don’t have to worry about a shower, hiking, or rain.

    AY also comes with hands-free calling, ultra-portable features, and anti-interference technology for clear and more crystal calls. Technically, the speaker is better suited as a loud speakerphone. Apart from that, the speaker also comes with a built-in 5,000mAh rechargeable li-ion battery that can guarantee 24 hours of playtime but only at 50% volume.

    Accessories that come with the device include 1 USB charging cable, 1 wrist wrap, 1 3.5mm audio cable, and 1 user manual. No matter how picky you are, you will enjoy the incredible features integrated into the amazing AY Bluetooth speaker.

    Read More Key Features

    •  IPX7 waterproof

    •  Ultra-portable

    •  Long battery life

    •  Has brilliant sound and richer bassSpecifications

    •  Bluetooth Connectivity?: Yes

    •  Input Type: Bluetooth, Aux-In

    •  Dimensions: 7 x 3 x 3 inches

    •  Brand: AYPros

    •  Its true wireless stereo function is incredible

    •  It can withstand full emersion

    •  You can use the microphone hands-free

    •  Has a tough and solid designCons

    •  Does not retain power for more than 24 hours

    DOSS Soundbox Plus is everything you would ever need in a Bluetooth speaker. It boasts a wide range of incredible features such as sensitive touch control, HD superior sound, wireless stereo pairing, soft mixed lights, and many more. Its HD superior sound and deep built-in MIC enables users to easily accept calls hands-free from the comfort of their house. Additionally, the device also comes with dual full-range drivers for seamless connections.

    The incredible device also comes with a sensitive touch control button to effortlessly play music, adjust volume, or change tracks. Apart from that, you can also use Google Assistant or wake up Siri to control the device remotely. Thanks to the wireless stereo pairing feature, you can easily pair 2 devices with your speaker. What’s more, you can connect the device from up to 66 feet.

    One of the coolest things about DOSS is its built-in 3200mAh rechargeable battery. It is capable of guaranteeing up to 20 hours of playtime but only at 50% volume. The soft mixed lights are specially designed for night time activities. It has five lighting patterns that perfectly fit your mood. Accessories that come with the device include 1 USB cable, 1 wrist wrap, 1 Lithium-ion battery, and an audio cable.

    Read More Key Features

    •  True wireless stereo function

    •  Long battery life

    •  IPX7 waterproof

    •  Ultra-portable

    •  Brilliant soundSpecifications

    •  Bluetooth Connectivity?: Yes

    •  Input Type: TF Card, Aux, Bluetooth

    •  Dimensions: 8.6 x 4.1 x 4.2 inches

    •  Brand: DOSSPros

    •  Soft mixed lights give it a glamor look and design

    •  It has an extended playtime

    •  Has a superior sound

    •  Its wireless stereo pairing is quite effective

    Are you looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker capable of providing you with up to 40 hours of playtime? You should try out this incredible Aomais Bluetooth speaker. This portable speaker comes with a wide range of features such as 25W rich bass, TWS function, waterproof, V 5.0 Bluetooth technology, and many more. One of the coolest things about Aomais is the ability to allow users to enjoy 40 hours of uninterrupted music.

    Whether you are in a pool party, working in the rain, or listening in the shower, you will always get the full benefits of Aomais. Its waterproof feature ensures you never have to worry about the weather. One of the most notable features of Aoimas is the sporty design. It makes it the ideal option for a birthday or holiday gift. Besides, its advanced Bluetooth V5.0 technology ensures you don’t have to worry about sudden Bluetooth disconnection in a range of 100ft.

    Another incredible feature in the Aoimas is the hands-free or TWS function. It enables the device to pair 2 or more speakers without having to worry about sudden disconnection. The built-in microphone also ensures you enjoy hands-free calling. Accessories that come with the device include a USB cable, 1 wrist wrap, 1 lithium-ion battery, and an audio cable.

    Read More Key Features

    •  Waterproof

    •  40 hours of playtime

    •  V5.0 Bluetooth

    •  TWS functionSpecifications

    •  Bluetooth Connectivity?: Yes

    •  Input Type: Bluetooth, Aux-In

    •  Dimensions: 11.3 x 3.8 x 7.4 inches

    •  Brand: AOMAISPros

    •  You can pair it with 2 speakers

    •  It has an advanced V5.0 Bluetooth function

    •  It is waterproof

    •  Has a louder volume and rich bass

    If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker capable of providing you with a booming bass and stereo sound, you should try out DOSS Soundbox. It is one of the best Bluetooth speakers capable of providing you with wireless stereo pairing, long playtime, two active drivers, passive radiators, Bluetooth 4.0, and many more. One of the best things about DOSS Soundbox is its broad compatibility. It is compatible with almost all Bluetooth-enabled devices. It supports TF card, Aux-in, and Echo Dot.

    Soundbox also comes with a 12W subwoofer with DSP technology to provide you with a chest-thumping bass. Besides, its two passive radiators significantly contribute to improving sound quality and minimizing distortion. The built-in 2200 mAh rechargeable battery ensures you enjoy up to 10 hours of playtime and can attain a full charge in 3 to 4 hours.

    The sleek design integrated into the Doss Soundbox XL ensures it fits the needs of both indoor and outdoor. The classic color and design also contribute to complimenting your already good looking home. Accessories that come with the device include a power adapter, 3.5mm audio jack, and a user manual to help you use the device effectively. If you live around Los Angeles, you can enjoy 24 hours of customer care service.

    Read More Key Features

    •  Wireless stereo pairing

    •  DSP technology

    •  20W louder volume

    •  2200mAh rechargeable batterySpecifications

    •  Bluetooth Connectivity?: Yes

    •  Input Type: Aux, Bluetooth, TF card

    •  Dimensions: 11.8 x 2.6 x 5.2 inches

    •  Brand: DOSSPros

    •  It has a strong 20W driver

    •  Has a booming bass

    •  Its wireless stereo pairing is quite effective

    •  Has a built-in 2200mAh rechargeable battery

    Treblab FX100 is one of the best wireless Bluetooth speakers that is specially designed for outdoor activities. You can enjoy hiking, beach parties, or fishing on a whole new level. The loud and rugged Bluetooth speaker is fully loaded with a myriad of exceptional features such as HD audio, IPX4 waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, and 7000mAh power bank. Thanks to its advanced features integrated into this device, you don't have to worry about accidental splashes, drops, or breaking.

    External noisy conditions are no much for the incredible FX100. It has an impactful loud stereo sound, thumping bass, 360 degrees surround sound, and crystal clear highs. Besides, its designers ensured that they have completely eliminated distortion while playing music in high volumes. Also, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck with a dead device at the wrong time. It comes with a 7000mAh heavy-duty rechargeable battery that also serves as a power bank for your mobile device. The FX100 can guarantee up to 35 hours of playtime.

    Another cool thing with the Treblab FX100 is the advanced Bluetooth version. You get to enjoy ease-of-use and seamless connection to all Bluetooth devices such as Mac, PC, TV, MP3 player, iOS, and Android smartphones. If you want to pick calls or communicate with your loved ones on the speaker, you can use the built-in noise-cancellation feature to take and end calls. The strategically placed buttons located at the sides enable you to switch to FM radio or connect to other devices.

    Read More Key Features

    •  35-hour battery

    •  Shockproof

    •  Built-in power bank

    •  Built-in FM radioSpecifications

    •  Bluetooth Connectivity?: Yes

    •  Input Type: Aux, Bluetooth

    •  Dimensions: 2.8 x 2.8 x 7.1 inches

    •  Brand: TreblabPros

    •  Its built-in microphone is quite effective

    •  Has a built-in power bank

    •  The built-in FM radio is quite effective

    •  It can retain power for up to 35 hoursCons

    •  Takes a bit longer to fully charge

    As its name suggests, W-KING is a conqueror when it comes to power. The incredible wireless Bluetooth is loaded with an 8000mAh rechargeable battery power bank, NFC speaker, waterproof TWS function, NFC speaker, 100ft Bluetooth range, and many more. Besides, the W-KING also comes with an audio cable to allow you to connect your MP3 player, laptop, or TV.

    One of the coolest things about W-KING is its huge battery capacity. You can enjoy up to 24 hours of playtime with a single full charge. However, it should be set at 20% to attain the required playtime. Note that it is possible to pair two W-KING Bluetooth speakers. All you need to do is simply press the power on button on the two speakers for 2-3 seconds and another two times of any of the two speakers to pair them.

    Another feature is the EQ button. It enables you to adjust sound effects between out and indoor environments. The built-in microphone also ensures you comfortably receive any incoming call. All you need to do is simply press the play/pause button to answer calls or long-press to reject. Note that W-KING is waterproof, which means that you can enjoy singing in the shower, fishing, or holding a party at the beach.

    Besides, the incredible Bluetooth speaker also comes with a 12-month warranty and an A+ customer service to enable you to make your purchase without worrying about any risk.

    Read More Key Features

    •  Ultra-portable

    •  Water-proof

    •  High-definition crystal clear sound

    •  8000mAh

    •  True wireless stereoSpecifications

    •  Bluetooth Connectivity?: Yes

    •  Input Type: Aux, Bluetooth

    •  Dimensions: 12.6 x 4.76 x 4.76 inches

    •  Brand: W-KINGPros

    •  It is quite easy to utilize the device

    •  You can pair two speakers together

    •  The EQ button enables users to adjust sound effects

    •  It has a built-in microphoneWhat Makes the Best Bass Bluetooth Speaker?

    Bluetooth speakers come in all shapes and sizes nowadays. And while we applaud the wireless connectivity aspect, the reason why we buy speakers is well, how they sound. With that, although there are countless Bluetooth speakers in the market, if you’re a bass head, none will appeal to you until you find a bass-heavy one.

    So, what makes the best bass Bluetooth speaker?

    Well, since Bluetooth speakers are typically small, they cannot be accompanied by a subwoofer. So to get a Bluetooth speaker with a booming bass, you need to be on the lookout for bass-enhancing features such as digital amplifiers, passive radiators, and multiple subwoofers.

    While checking these features out, keep in mind that a Bluetooth speaker might have the best possible bass but if the sound quality is poor, it’ll be a waste of money. For that reason be sure to check-out the sound quality, and how well it performs indoors vs. outdoors so you can get the best bass Bluetooth speaker.

    Other Important Features to Consider

    Bass and sound quality aside, ensure you take Bluetooth technology into account. Common Bluetooth codec types include aptX, aptXHD, SBC, AAC and LDAC. The type of Bluetooth technology a speaker uses sets the base for file transfers. While checking out the type of Bluetooth technology it utilizes, check out the water resistance.

    This is particularly crucial if you are an outdoorsy person, and plan on taking your Bluetooth speaker out with you every time. Note, if you are going to take it with you everywhere, then it should be portable. So to get the best bass Bluetooth speaker for you, don’t forget to check the design, and the size. Ensure you take the battery life into account too.

    The longer it lasts, the better. Keep in mind that we live in the age of technologies like the internet of things, and AI. So, if you are going to get the best bass Bluetooth speaker, make sure it boasts smart connectivity as well. It should feature voice assistants like Alexa and Siri, and compatibility with other devices in your space such as your smartphone, and your TV for seamless use.

    Other features to consider include multi-room compatibility, AUX inputs, and the price. With such factors in mind, as well as the picks in this guide, you are now ready to shop the best bass Bluetooth speaker.

    We hope you like the items we recommend! CBR has affiliate partnerships, so we receive a share of the revenue from your purchase. This won’t affect the price you pay and helps us offer the best product recommendations.

    Best smart speakers 2021

    Smart speakers go beyond just playing music. They provide control over your other home devices, answer queries and connect you with friends and family — and the best ones should execute all those tasks equally well. We've been testing smart speakers for years, reviewing each new iteration as it hits the market, and we've whittled the long list of smart speakers down to the best four:

  • Best smart speaker overall: 4th-Gen Echo
  • Runner-up: HomePod Mini
  • Best sound under $200: Sonos One
  • Best budget smart speaker: 4th-Gen Echo Dot
  • Amazon's fourth-gen Echo is the biggest redesign to the original smart speaker. While keeping the same $99 price tag, Amazon swapped the tall cylinder design for a spherical one. Not only does this give it a more appealing aesthetic than most competing speakers, but the form factor also aids in delivering richer and clearer sound with ample access to Alexa smarts. With more room for the sound to bounce around internally, the fourth-gen Echo Dot pushes out a soundstage that's unmatched at its price point. Alexa is constantly getting smarter and giving you more control over your information as well.

    Matching the Echo stride for stride (even outpacing it in certain areas), Apple's HomePod Mini ($99) is our runner-up due to one big caveat: You need an Apple device to use it. If you aren't in the Apple ecosystem, it doesn't make sense. But for those who are, it's a no-brainer. It acts as a home hub for HomeKit devices, seamlessly integrates with Apple's ecosystem, allows easy handoffs between devices and enables the ability to use services like iMessage and FaceTime with just your voice. For its minuscule size, it delivers the best sound in its class — and at times sounds better than the Echo.

    If sound quality is the be-all and end-all for you (and you're budget-conscious), the Sonos One ($199) is kind of the Goldilocks of smart speakers. It's not exorbitantly expensive yet it still packs the critical hardware (two amplifiers, a woofer and a tweeter) to deliver robust sound. Instead of sound hitting you from only one angle, the Sonos One pushes sound out in every direction with a crispness that shines through in each note (low, mid and highs) while delivering booming bass.

    The fourth-gen Echo Dot ($49.99), which is basically the mini version of our best overall pick, folds pretty much everything we love about the Echo (save for a few elements) into a pint-size, wallet-friendly package. For 2020, the Dot also went spherical. And, like the Echo, it's a reliable smart speaker with access to Alexa and solid sound (especially when you consider its size).

    Best smart speaker overall: 4th-Gen Echo ($69.99, originally $99.99;

    The fourth-gen Echo really embodies all that a smart speaker can and should be. It plays music clearly and richly, gives you easy access to information and can control your smart home devices.

    First off, we were really jiving with the futuristic ball shape during our tests of the Echo. Not only does it take up less space in terms of height, but it adds a casually futuristic touch to a shelf or countertop. Our favorite part of the design is that Amazon moved Alexa's light ring from the top to the bottom, but in use it provides more function: The LEDs reflect off the surface that the device is on, making it easier to see the colors.

    The fourth-gen Echo pushes sound out of the front (and front sides) courtesy of two tweeters and a woofer. It represents the largest soundstage we've ever heard in a core Echo speaker. And you don't have to be shy about bumping up the volume; the Echo gets room-filling loud, more so than the Nest Audio and HomePod Mini, though the HomePod Mini delivers more clarity at higher volumes.

    Amazon also upped the audio quality across all tones — low, mid, high and bass — by adding in room-reading technology that can auto-mix tracks based on the Echo's surroundings. It will detect how close it is to walls, for instance, and analyze in real time to make adjustments. (You can still make manual adjustments via an equalizer in the Alexa app.)

    The Echo also shone because of Alexa, who's gotten smarter and quicker; in just six years her response time has nearly doubled. Alexa and the Google Assistant are still pretty much neck and neck (with Siri a bit further behind), but Alexa has especially grown in the realms of handling nuances of the English language and recognizing different voices. For instance, Alexa on the Echo had no trouble detecting whether it was this tester speaking or another household member.

    It's also easy to catch Alexa's attention, as the fourth-gen Echo boasts six built-in microphones. With modest volume levels, we never had to raise our voice, though we did have to at times with the volume at its maximum.

    Alexa isn't just for random information, either, but can also control the smart home. The fourth-gen Echo contains the core connectivity you need (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth), and tosses in Zigbee and Amazon Sidewalk as well — two smart home standards that make it more seamless to connect various devices. Essentially, when you buy a Zigbee smart bulb or plug, you won't need to purchase a hub also, as the fourth-gen Echo can connect to it and get it set up for use. It makes the fourth-gen Echo a more all-in-one device than most other speakers.

    Amazon has also been adding in more control to ensure privacy. Via the Alexa app for Android and iOS, you can wipe your history and adjust settings to make you more comfortable with having Alexa in your home. Plus, you can always mute the microphone to cut her off from listening for the wake word.

    At just $99.99, the fourth-gen Echo delivers robust audio performance, provides access to Alexa and can power the smart home in a futuristic build.

    Runner-up: HomePod Mini ($99;,,, and

    The HomePod Mini could have very well taken the top spot here — if only Apple gave Android users the ability to use it. But it's designed for the Apple ecosystem, so if you don't have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you can't set it up (whereas the fourth-gen Echo is Android and iOS agnostic, for the most part). Still, the HomePod Mini is a tremendous speaker.

    The HomePod Mini can serve as the centerpiece to your smart home system. It not only has the technology inside give you out-of-home control for door locks, cameras, sensors and countless other gizmos, but Siri is also a lot better at fielding these requests. In comparison to previous tests with Apple-made smart speakers, Siri is twice as fast when making smart home adjustments; things like turning the lights off are generally done before she confirms that the request has been handled.

    The mini smart speaker's form factor belies the decibels it can push out. In short: The HomePod Mini can get loud without muddling sound quality. No snapping, crackling or popping hindered whatever track we chose to play. What's more, it uses computational audio to perfectly mix tracks in real time — so you get the optimal experience for whatever room you're in. This way if it's on a shelf, for instance, it can deliver sound that won't overtly echo or cause notes to be outshined by each other. In fact, it applies its algorithms at over 180 times per second. All that comes together to produce higher-quality sound than the Nest Audio or Echo Dot, and it's nearly on par with the fourth-gen Echo.

    And for those in the Apple ecosystem, the HomePod Mini is designed for you — with virtually no compromises. If you have an iPhone, you'll be able to take advantage of some helpful functions. For instance, we were able to come back from a run and just tap our iPhone on the HomePod Mini to move our playlist over to a speaker. We asked Siri where the closest gas station was, and when we got in our vehicle, CarPlay presented us with directions to the closest one.

    At $99, the HomePod Mini tested in line with our other winners and was a top performer, but it limits itself by not being an option for anyone without an iPhone.

    Best sound under $200: Sonos One ($199;

    The Sonos One quickly rose to the top of our testing pool in terms of sound, delivering extraordinary performance in our audio tests. At $199.99, the Sonos One packs a punch bigger than its relatively small size would have you think was possible.

    A tweeter, a woofer and two amplifiers are packed inside to power the Sonos One. All three work together with an onboard processor to properly mix a track and deliver a clear listening experience. It also produces the appropriate amount of pop and vibrancy with each track. That way a pop song like "Paper Rings" by Taylor Swift or "Sucker" by the Jonas Brothers can really produce a dynamic mix with strong bass, high vocals and tones across the spectrum. It can also get considerably louder over our top pick, the fourth-gen Echo, without introducing muddiness or crackling. If you want a louder and true stereo experience, you can easily create a stereo pair with an additional Sonos One. Syncing the two speakers is super easy and takes just a few minutes via the Sonos app.

    To a degree, it's the best of both worlds from the HomePod Mini and the fourth-gen Echo. You get a bold and full mix even at full blast. Bass is exceptionally strong, even at higher volumes, and acts as a weight for a track. You'll notice some shaking on the speaker itself at higher volumes, but it's minimized thanks to a grip on the bottom of the Sonos One. There's even a threaded mount on the bottom, and Sonos makes several mounts as well.

    You get your pick of an assistant on the Sonos One and can select either Google Assistant or Amazon's Alexa as the default voice assistant via the Sonos App. (That app and a Sonos account are required for setup.) And using either of these assistants on the Sonos One is nearly an identical experience to using it on a first-party device from either brand. You can ask questions, control other devices and ask for music. Sadly, the ability to make calls with Alexa or Google Assistant aren't here, and you can't drop in on other Echo or Nest devices.

    Like other smart speakers, the Sonos One listens for the respective wake word courtesy of four microphones — all of which you do have the ability to mute. This is good news for those with privacy concerns and anyone who doesn't want the assistants accidentally chiming in. You'll know the microphone is muted thanks to an orange glow from an LED on top of the device.

    The same Android or iOS app used for setup comes into play when linking music services. Sonos One can pull from music saved on your device or a service like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, Pandora, iHeartRadio and SiriusXM, among others. (With some, you will need a paid account to enable this integration.) You can conveniently control all of this with the Sonos app, and if you ever choose to expand your Sonos system, it's all managed through the app as well.

    Apple is thrown into the mix, as the Sonos One supports AirPlay 2, which means that from an iOS, iPadOS, macOS or watchOS device you can select the Sonos One and control what's playing natively. Neither Echo nor Nest speakers offer this, and it's nice that Sonos is willing to work with all platforms.

    We think the Sonos One is the ideal choice if you want an assistant-agnostic smart speaker that focuses on bold and clear audio. You'd be hard-pressed to find better sound at $199.

    Best budget smart speaker: 4th-Gen Echo Dot ($29.99, originally $49.99;

    The fourth-gen Echo Dot is really just a miniature version of the fourth-gen Echo.

    Similar to the full-size fourth-gen, the Echo Dot sports a spherical build — and that's a big deal here. Compared to previous versions of the Dot, the fourth-gen has a bit more room to push out and produce audio. This gives it marginally better bass and a slightly wider soundstage than the previous-generation Dot. In comparison to the Nest Mini and other budget speakers, this provides a sound experience that's much better. It doesn't get nearly as loud as any of our other top picks, but for the price it's a fully dependable speaker. You can also play music from a plethora of services on this speaker: Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeart, TuneIn and countless others.

    The Echo Dot also gives you an identical Alexa experience to the fourth-gen Echo. You can ask Alexa for jokes, a story or the weather — and Alexa picks up queries here just as fast as on the Echo. Still, the Echo Dot lacks some smart home chops, as there's no extra connectivity or hub inside to help you get those devices online. For instance, if you have a Zigbee bulb, you'll need a Zigbee hub to get that connected. The Dot is unlike the full-size Echo in this capacity, but it still allows you to control devices once they're connected.

    For half the price of our top pick, you do give up some features: Namely, the Echo Dot lacks the extra smart home connectivity (Amazon Sidewalk and the Zigbee hub), features fewer microphones and is overall a smaller speaker.

    What doesn't change, though, is the immense value you get from this tiny speaker. It blazed past the Nest Mini and other budget speakers in our testing categories, especially when it came to audio quality and response time for requests.

    How we tested

    Before deciding on our testing pool, we spent time crafting a testing methodology and rubric for rating smart speakers. Given the players in the space and main use cases of these devices, we focused on three main areas: audio quality, convenience and the smart assistants.

    Audio quality was the largest category, both in points and subsections, allowing us to look at an overall mix while also examining tones across the spectrum and the clarity within each. We had a range of test tracks that we played on all speakers at varying volumes and in different spaces.

    Core songs used in testing include "Let It Be," "Hotel California," "Light On," "Born to Run," "Domino," "I'm on Fire," "Dancing in the Dark," "What a Man Gotta Do," "Ex's & Oh's," "Rosalita," "Yellow Submarine," "Dance Tonight," "Higher Love," "You Make My Dreams," "Get Down Tonight," "Alaska," "Exile," "Heroes," "Ghosts," "Pink Houses," "Closer," "Sweet Thing," "Shape of You," "Honky Tonk Women," "Jack of Speed," "Slow Burn," "Monkey Man," "American Girl," "Sucker," "Paper Rings" and "House of a Thousand Guitars," among others.

    Convenience was top of mind throughout the testing process as, at the end of the day, a smart speaker should be helpful and not hinder experiences. You want to be able to get the assistant's attention with relative ease (having the microphones accurately pick up the request and for the processing to be done correctly). We also took a look at privacy on each one and settings that the user could enable or disable.

    Convenience also carried over into its smart home capabilities and how these smart speakers can integrate. Do they offer extra connectivity to help get devices online? Can they make minute adjustments on individually connected gadgets? Can we group gadgets together? Do they support out-of-home control? These were just a few of the questions we posed and answered.

    In terms of design, we looked at the materials used and how those both fit into the home along with compatible devices. Some opt for a classic speaker look, while devices like the HomePod Mini or 2020 Echo's embrace the spherical design language. Nest Audio looks like a small pillow — we don't recommend sleeping on it, though. We looked for the expected controls along with the all-important ability to mute microphones.

    After unboxing the smart speakers, we tested the setup and how intuitive it was to complete. Did you need to sign up for an account? How long did it take to set up? We also looked at whether each device had a warranty and, if so, for how long.

    How we rated

    Below is our exact point breakout for each category and subcategory.

  • Audio quality had a maximum of 50 points: overall mix (10 points), clarity (10 points), soundstage (10 points), low (5 points), mid (5 points), high (5 points) and bass (5 points).
  • Smart assistant capabilities had a maximum of 20 points: overall (10 points), response time (5 points) and accuracy (5 points).
  • Design had a maximum of 15 points: overall (10 points) and controls (5 points).
  • Smart home capabilities had a maximum of 15 points: connectivity (5 points), compatibility (5 points) and convenience (5 points).
  • Setup had a maximum of 10 points: overall (10 points).
  • Warranty had a maximum of 5 points: overall (5 points).
  • Other smart speakers we tested

    Echo Studio ($199.99;

    At $199.99, the Echo Studio is the most expensive Echo, but it's also the best-sounding one thanks to its almost delirious amount of speakers. But a not-so-sleek build, too-steep price and limited support for 3D music kept it from getting a top pick. We feel, for half the price, the fourth-gen Echo is a much better buy.

    HomePod ($299.99; and

    Apple's $299.99 HomePod focuses squarely on delivering the best sound possible. It has seven tweeters, a larger woofer and multiple amplifiers that all push out sound, alongside a custom chip to mix it in real time. But it lacks as a smart speaker, with no extra connectivity features and a price that pushes it far from affordability.

    Nest Audio ($99.99;

    As we noted in our full review, the Nest Audio features a nice design that presents itself with Google DNA front and center. It also delivers deep integration with Google, something Android users will appreciate. Alexa is just a smarter assistant as a whole, and sound quality was lacking with this smart speaker. It delivered on clarity but not in its ability to get loud or fill a room.

    Nest Mini ($24.99, originally $49.99;

    The donut-sized Nest Mini was neck and neck with the Echo Dot — however, sound quality and speed left us wanting more. Audio was clear at lower volumes, but the Nest Mini didn't achieve loud volumes and, at its maximum volume, it introduced crackling.